About Us

Based in Ontario, Hybrid Farms Corp. is a Controlled Environment Agriculture farming company with projects in food deserts across the world.

By focusing on superior technology, exceptional implementation and integration, and Lean operations Hybrid Farms Corp. aims to make produce that is locally grown, fresh, herbicide and pesticide free available to the mass consumer. We believe everyone has a right to excellent produce and we want to make that a reality.

Our team is a team made up of Entrepreneurs, Technology experts, and Vertical Farming experts that all work together to provide the best produce at the greatest value.

Our Leadership Team:

Jeff Blacklock – CEO: Jeff is an entrepreneur who has spent his career pursuing opportunities in technology and automation. Having been a partner in an industrial robotics company, started a small private equity firm, and being president of a software company, Jeff has a wide range of experience in business and technology. Equipped with both an engineering and business degree, Jeff is responsible for the direction of Hybrid Farms Corp. and ensuring we have a capable team all working together.

Eric Bergeron – CFO (Chief Farming Officer): Eric is a vertical farming expert in both technology and operations. Being one of the first vertical farmers in Canada Eric has operated several types of farming tech including container and warehouse farms, brought technological innovation to the vertical farming space, and trained numerous vertical farmers. Eric is responsible for technology selection and general farming operations among other construction, relationship, and project management roles.

Tyler Whale – Business Development: Tyler is a Ag-Tech professional who has been involved with Agriculture his entire life. After completing his PhD at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, followed by an MBA, Tyler has been in Ag roles that span from working on the family dairy operation to being president of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies as well as being involved with several public sector Ag groups and the founder of 4 private companies. Leveraging his large food chain network and Ag contacts, Tyler is responsible for developing channels to market as well as corporate and community partnerships for Hybrid Farms Corp.

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