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Why Vertical Farming:

The vertical farming industry is in an incredible revolutionary moment where well-run farms built with leading technologies are now able to produce at rates that are competitive with field grown crops. This presents great opportunities to invest in vertical farming projects and generate returns that are positive both financially and for society.

Population growth, increased standard of living and increased food quality expectation are demanding more out of our food chain than ever before. Also, water scarcity, arable land loss, and supply chain risks have presented big challenges for traditional agriculture producers to meet these growing needs. The increasing demand has led to a golden opportunity to invest in vertical farming and develop world-changing indoor farming infrastructure.

Why Hybrid Farms Corp.

Extensive Vertical farming experience, outstanding technical expertise, and an unmatched operations team seperate us from the pack and allow us to provide the most competitive produce in the market. Our team has extensive experience in the space and is comprised of technology experts, farm operators, logistics specialists, agronomists, and entrepreneurs. By combining professionals from these backgrounds with an unprecedented amount of vertical farming experience and network Hybrid Farms Corp is positioned for success, operating indoor farms in metropolitan food deserts across North America.

Hybrid Farms Corp is using their expertise to build and operate indoor vertical farms close to metropolitan markets for the benefit of the stakeholders and the communities these farms serve. These indoor farming infrastructure projects have the ability to transform our food supply chains and deliver healthier, tastier, and fresher produce to consumers that is grown locally year round.

As part of the impact investing ecosphere, investing in vertical farming is not only profitable for investors, but also ensures a sustainable environment and food security for future generations.

Our technologically advanced, efficient, hybrid vertical farms produce fresh vegetables that are pesticide and herbicide free and provide a local alternative to food that is typically ‘shipped-in’. By providing produce to the market that is fresh and high quality at the same price as California and Arizona grown alternatives, we are able to be the produce of choice and deliver a rewarding return-on-investment (ROI) for investors.

investing in vertical farming outlook

As the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) space continues to mature, vertical farms have captured news headlines across the globe and are raising millions from institutional investors, mega corporations, and venture capitalists. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to strengthen a community and your investment portfolio by participating in a Hybrid Farms Corp. farming project!

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DYK? The global vertical farming industry is expected to experience 24.6% growth (CAGR) from 2019 to 2026.

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